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What's new in PhotoScissors 8.1

  • Added batch background removal feature
  • Improved usability

What's new in PhotoScissors 8.0

  • Alpha-matting algorithm performance improvements
  • Added feature to remove background by color

What's new in PhotoScissors 7.0

  • Absolutely new background removal algorithm
  • PhotoScissors became online and allows to use credits
  • Added option to rotate foreground and shadow layers
  • Added option to draw a straight line between two points using SHIFT and mouse click

What's new in PhotoScissors 6.1

  • Improved stability
  • Added option to disable mask prediction

What's new in PhotoScissors 6.0

  • New background removal algorithm based on neural networks
  • Alpha-matting algorithm performance improvements

What's new in PhotoScissors 5.0

  • Major alpha-matting algorithm improvements
  • Major background removal algorithm improvements
  • New smoothing contours algorithm
  • New Inpainting algorithm to reconstruct background
  • Added feature to load/save project
  • Added option to restore factory default settings for each layer
  • A lot of usability and stability improvements

What's new in PhotoScissors 4.0

  • Added alpha-matting tool for transparent or semi-transparent objects (hair, glass...)
  • Added shortcuts for tools
  • Added pixelate filter
  • Added negative filter
  • Added option to save default options
  • Added option to save/load user marks
  • Added option to save alpha mask
  • Improved usability and stability

What's new in PhotoScissors 3.0

  • Major user interface improvements
  • Performance improvements
  • Now PhotoScisors is fully interactive
  • Added option to move foreground object
  • Added filters for background and foreground
  • Added option to fill hole (inpaint) at background and move main object at image
  • Added 'Aspect Ratio' option for background
  • Added 'Feathering Radius' option
  • Added Manual mode for mask changes
  • Added support of Intel Real Sense camera

What's new in PhotoScissors 2.1

  • Added option to set image as background
  • Improved edges handling(Edges Antialiasing), say 'Goodbye' to jagged borders
  • Added option to change shadow color

What's new in PhotoScissors 2.0

  • Major algorithm improvements
  • Major performance improvements
  • Improved smoothing edges algorithm
  • Added 'Offset Boundary' option
  • Added 'Shadow' option
  • Added 'Fit to Result' option
  • Added 'Crop & Resize' option
  • Improved memory usage
  • Improved usability and stability
  • GUI improvements
  • Added 'Interactive' mode, now Cut-Out processing running after each marking

What's new in PhotoScissors 1.2

  • Added cropping tool
  • Added smoothing edges option
  • Improved usability and stability

What's new in PhotoScissors 1.1

  • Added recent files list
  • Added ability to move the image around while holding the space button
  • Custom colors saved for future use
  • GUI improvements
  • Added HiDPI and Retina display support
  • Minor bugs fixing

What's new in PhotoScissors 1.0

  • First release

System Requirements:

  • Internet connection
  • Windows 7 and later
  • Mac OS 10.13 and later