How to Replace Background from Many Images in a Batch Mode

First of all, if you use the same settings for the background removal process for several images, you can automate this process. PhotoScissors allows to edit 3 layers: Foreground, Background and Shadow. Each layer has its own preferences and you can control the defaults. To reset changed properties to default ones just click the "Reset" button on the bottom part of the properties. Also you can find additional options when clicking on the arrow near the "Reset" button. At the drop down menu you will find options to save current settings as defaults or reset previously saved settings to factory defaults. Note that when you save current settings or reset them, this is applied only for selected layer (foreground, background or shadow). Also PhotoScissors saves lastly used file format and image quality for saved image.

background removed automatically

Next time when you open the image default settings will be applied to it and you only need to save the result. This method will work if you want to manually control the background removal process and correct results if needed. But if your images have a simple background or you see that PhotoScissors is able to change background without your interaction, you can save enormous amount of time and run batch processing.

To start the bulk processing select the "File->Batch Processing" menu. This dialog asks to select the source folder, destination folder and result file format. When you click the "Process" button, PhotoScissors will scan the source folder for all images in following formats: jpg, png, webp. Then it will remove background and apply default settings (which we discuss at the beginning of this tutorial) and then save the results.

batch background removal

PhotoScissors can automatically remove the background from many images simultaneously, replacing expensive clipping path services.