How to Remove Background from Photo with PhotoScissors on iPhone

Often, when we take photos we don't think for too long about the way we intend to use these pictures in the future. We just see a perfect shot and take it, that's it. But eventually a portrait made in a hurry turns out to be absolutely inappropriate for a certain application. Surely, a photo for a family album is fine as it is, but, say, a job application resume has more strict requirements to what a portrait should look like.

One of the most common things spoiling a photo is improper background. Inappropriate backstage, casual objects or people, or just a background that doesn't look presentable - all of this is unacceptable on a serious portrait photograph. So, how to remove background from a photo?

Step 1: Load the photo

App will remove the background from an image and display it, here is how it looks

Load image.

Depending on the complexity of the picture and the objects in it, you may need to correct result using green marker or eraser.

Step 2(optional): Mark areas where hair is

The complexity of hair for image processing comes from the fact that hair is semi-transparent. So, a binary "yes or no" mask fails to produce a realistic cut out. We need to apply the transparent mask. To tell PhotoScissors where hair is, select the yellow marker and paint the corresponding areas. Like this:

Select hair.

Step 3: Choose new background

PhotoScissors applies results instantly. This means, as soon as you are satisfied with the final result, you can immediately move to the next screen and select transparent, colored or image background. Also you can change result frame.

Select transparent background.

Select colored background.

With PhotoScissors in literally 5 seconds you can remove background from photos and make them more suitable for official use.

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