Instant Artistic Effects with PhotoScissors

PhotoScissors helps you instantly remove unnecessary background from a photo. But sometimes removing is not exactly what you need. How about making the background look better? Adding some special effects to it? With PhotoScissor you can do this too. For example, let's see how you can turn a foreground object grayscale and blur the background at the same time.

Step 1: Open the photo

Click the Open button on the toolbar or drag'n'drop the photo to the program.

As you see, PhotoScissors easily cut out the foreground object from the photo without any actions from your side.

Mark back- and foreground.

Note that you can reduce the marker size to mark small areas. As you paint the strokes with markers, the result is instantly displayed in the right window.

Step 2: Apply effects to the foreground

Now, in the right panel switch to the Foreground tab and select effects you want to apply to the object. In our case, let's turn the object colorize. Here we go:

 Apply effects to the foreground

Step 3: Apply effects to the background

Now, the same way you can adjust the background. Switch to the Background tab in the right-side toolbar. And select Background: Original.

The Effect dropdown allows you to apply any effect to the background part of the photo the same way you did above with the main object. In our case we made background grayscale, but there are a lot of other special effects you can use to dampen the background or make the central object of the photo more distinctive and artistic. Here is what we've got:

Select Background:Original and apply effect to the background

You can adjust effect settings to achieve the most artistic impression. Many filters allow you to vary intensity or amplitude of the effect. For instance, the Blur effect offers the Blur Radius parameter.

Note that you can replace the background of a photo completely and then apply special effects to it the same way we have just described.

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