How to Crop the Image after Removing Its Background

Step 1: Load the image

PhotoScissors automatically removed the background from an image and now the object you cut out looks a bit lonely surrounded by all that empty space you don't need anymore. Luckily, PhotoScissors lets you crop the picture off the bat, with minimum efforts as always.

Crop & Resize

Step 2: Fit the Image

Select the second tab in the right-side panel. This is the "Background" mode. The program displays a frame to indicate the crop area.

You have two options here: Fit to Result and manual adjustment. The Fit to Result option, if checked, automatically crops the image so that it holds the object, the shadow and the specified padding in specified in percent of the overall size. For instance, padding of 5% means each dimension of the picture is increased by 5% on each side.

Alternatively, you can resize the image manually using handles on the gray frame.

One way or another, you'll end up with an object stripped from its background and perfectly fitted to the specified dimensions.

Fit to result

Look cool, eh? Now, the image is ready to be uploaded, simply save it as a PNG file with transparency.

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