Create Stunning Pixelated Images with Ease: Unleash Your Creativity

If you're looking to add a cool and captivating effect to your photos, pixelation can work wonders. By lowering the resolution of the image or specific parts of it, you can achieve unique visual results. Whether you want to pixelate the background to make foreground objects stand out or pixelate the foreground for a stylish and unconventional look, PhotoScissors makes the process easier than ever before. Follow these three simple steps:

Step 1: Load Image

With PhotoScissors, the background is automatically erased, and you can instantly view the result in the program's right panel.

Select background and foreground

Step 2: Applying the pixilation effect

Next, switch to the Background tab in the right toolbar. To apply the effect to the original background (not the transparent area), select "Background > Original" from the dropdown menu. Then, choose the "Pixelate" filter from the "Effect" dropdown list.

pixelate background

You can also pixelate the foreground objects by returning to the original background, switching to the Foreground tab, and selecting the "Pixelate" effect from the "Effect" dropdown.

pixelate foreground

Step 3: Fine-tune the Effect

Adjust the range of the pixelation effect by modifying the "Radius" parameter. Explore different values to see how the image transforms with varying levels of pixelation.

change pixelate radius

Additionally, by selecting "Image" in the Background dropdown, you can replace the original background with any pixelated background image of your choice:

change background


As you can see, PhotoScissors makes it incredibly easy to apply this seemingly complex effect. The possibilities are endless: transform dull backgrounds into a computer game-like atmosphere, become a character in your own virtual world, enhance the visibility of essential elements in a photo by pixelating the background, simulate low-quality imagery, and much more. Unleash your creativity and experiment with pixelation effects effortlessly using PhotoScissors. Start creating stunning pixelated images today!

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