How to Prepare a Product Photo for Online Shops like Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy

Online shops such as Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy provide convenient platforms for selling your merchandise. While having a fantastic product or the lowest price can attract buyers, it's essential to remember that the first thing customers see while browsing your products is the product photo. To ensure a successful deal, it is crucial to have a top-notch product photo.

Achieving the perfect product picture requires paying careful attention to detail. Here are some key steps to follow:

  1. Focus on the Object: Make sure the object is centered in the photo and that it is in sharp focus.
  2. Background: Opt for a white or monochrome background to keep the focus on the product. A clean background enhances the overall appeal of the image. You can easily change the background of your products using PhotoScissors, a convenient tool that effortlessly removes backgrounds and helps create stunning pictures that capture attention.
  3. Lighting: Utilize natural lighting to enhance the product's appearance. Good lighting can make a significant difference in the overall quality of the photo.

With PhotoScissors, you can seamlessly change the background of your product images. Say goodbye to complex editing processes and welcome a simple and effective way to create fantastic product pictures.
Here's how you can use PhotoScissors:

Upload your product photo to PhotoScissors, and the tool will automatically remove the background from the image.

Upload the image to PhotoScissors.

If needed, you can make further adjustments to the result using the "Edit Mask" button.

Select the appropriate background color and size.

Select an appropriate background color and size for your product image. Different online shops have specific requirements for image sizes. PhotoScissors makes it easy to adapt your images to meet these requirements. Simply use the "Resize" sidebar to choose the suitable size for your desired platform. Whether it's a preset size designed for popular online shops or a custom size, PhotoScissors allows you to resize your images quickly and hassle-free.

Resize image using PhotoScissors

Ensure the object is centered with ideal padding. Click on the object, then click the "Fit" button in the left sidebar. From there, select the "Fit to Page" option. You can also adjust the padding option according to your preference.

Center image with the padding

Set the background color to white, as it is the most commonly used color for product images. Go to the "Background" tab and select the white background option.

Change background color using PhotoScissors

Once you're satisfied with the result, download the image with the new background and publish it on your Shopify, Amazon, or Etsy account.

By following these steps and utilizing PhotoScissors, you can enhance your product images and create visually appealing photos that attract customers on various online platforms.

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