Creating Easy and Fun Collages: Unleash Your Creativity

Collages are a fascinating way to combine different elements and create something entirely new. If you've always wanted to make your own funny and unique collages but lacked the necessary skills or software, fret not! Creating a simple collage is easier than you might think, thanks to PhotoScissors.

Step 1: Load the Photo

Begin by opening the photograph featuring the object or subject you want to make the central part of your collage. In this case, we'll replace the ordinary background with a captivating fantasy one. As you can see in the example below, PhotoScissors automatically removes the background for you.

Open the photo

If you're not entirely satisfied with the result, you can easily refine it. Use the green marker to add areas to the foreground or the eraser to remove any unwanted parts. Adjust the marker size using the toolbar slider to achieve the desired precision.

Step 2: Choose a New Background

Now it's time to give your collage a fresh backdrop. Switch to the Background tab located in the right-side toolbar:

In this section, select the "Image" mode, which enables you to replace the entire background with another image. Click on "Change" and browse for a new background image that perfectly complements your collage concept.

Collage Created

Voila! Your collage is now ready. If you want to continue adding more objects to the scene, simply save this collage, open another image, and follow the same steps to substitute the first collage as the background. Let your creativity soar and create captivating collages effortlessly with PhotoScissors. Best of luck!

With PhotoScissors, you can effortlessly bring your collage ideas to life, no advanced skills or software required. Enjoy the process of combining different elements to create visually stunning and imaginative collages that reflect your unique style and creativity.

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