Easy Collage Creation You Always Wanted

Collage is an assemblage of different forms producing something new as a result. You always wanted to make a funny collage but lacked skills and software to do this? Creating a simple collage is easier than it seems. What about an astronaut walking along the sea coast? Or a shark flying in the clouds? Making such a collage takes just two or three minutes when you are equipped with PhotoScissors.

Step 1: Load the photo

Open the photograph with the object you want to make a central part of your collage. Here we will replace the usual (read: boring) background with a fantasy one.
As you see below, PhotoScissors automatically removed the background.

Open the photo

If you aren't satisfied with the result, simply add areas to foreground using green marker or erase using eraser. Adjust the size of markers using the toolbar slider if necessary.

Step 2: Place a new background.

Now, you can replace it. Switch to the Background tab in the right-side toolbar:

Here, you need to select the "Image" mode. This allows you to replace the entire background with another image. Click Change and browse for a new background image.

Collage Created

That's it! The collage is ready. If you want to continue and place more objects on the scene, just save this collage, open another image and substitute the first collage as a background the same way as described. Good luck!