How to Easily Add Selective Colouring Effect

PhotoScissors is not only a smart background eraser, but also a powerful retouching instrument to quickly add effects to the background or to the main object on the scene. Unlike cumbersome and often hard to master software like PhotoShop or Gimp, PhotoScissors is friendly and easy.

Here is how you can apply a selective coloring effect to the backgroundto add an eye-catching look to the photo and focus attention on the main object.

Step 1: Open the photo

You can simply drag-n-drop the file to the program window, or use the Open button on the toolbar.

PhotoScissors automatically processes the photo and erase background from it.

Open the photo

You can correct result using green marker or eraser

Step 2: Modify the background

The program now knows where is the background and the foreground on the picture. It is time to apply effects. In this tutorial we will modify the background, but the very same way you can apply various special effects to the foreground as well.

Switch to the Background tab on the right-side toolbar. We want to keep the Original background, but let's make it grayscale. In the Effect dropdown list select the Grayscale effect. It applies to the picture automatically as soon as you choose it.

Select Background:Original

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